The Bird is the Word

The Bird is the WordI mentioned this briefly the other day in my “Bird on a Wire” post. Birds are not what you would consider smart — well, except for that chicken that plays tic-tac-toe with you (and generally wins).

Case in point… this bird, which allowed me to walk right up to it, is not very smart. As you can see in the video, it seems to find much pleasure in chasing its own tail.

It did this for about two minutes BEFORE I started videotaping it. If anything positive can be said about this exercise in futility, it’s that the bird never once got dizzy and fell into the water. I secretly hoped it would, though. I could really use that $10,000 from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Slightly off topic… before you criticize me for using nothing but song titles for my blog entries recently, I would like to point out that the song where “the bird is the word” is endlessly repeated is not, in fact, called “The Bird is the Word.”  It’s “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen… a song that recently became popular again when it was featured on Family Guy.  Unfortunately for me and my blog, one of the songs that “Surfin’ Bird” is based on is called “The Bird is the Word.”

… aaaaaaaand commence with the criticism!


8 thoughts on “The Bird is the Word

  1. Not too surprizing to me, your Dad has been know to chase his tail but he didn’t have feathers. When he walks around in circles and I ask him what he is looking for, he gets this real blank look on his face. I guess he could relate to the bird on some level.

    Mama Pat

  2. I’m cheering for the bird. If he were auditioning for my show group, the Rhythm Rockers, he’d be a shoo-in!
    He’s got rhythm, energy, sings well, and wears a nice costume!
    Give the bird a chance!

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