Bird on a Wire

Bird on a WireI saw a bird sitting on top of a barbed wire wall the other day, and I snapped this photo (click it to enlarge). It made me think about how the Iraq situation has made life different for these animals.

I’m going to presume this pigeon has never known what it’s like to live in a country without barbed wire.

More than likely, it watched us move into this installation and build fences and the occasional guard towers. Still, it adapted and found a way to live. It forages for food near the edge of the lake, and it shows no fear as it pecks through the street for any random scraps even as cars approach.

Recently, I was walking through a detention facility, and in the middle of the concertina wire (the spiral kind seen here) above a holding area was a bird’s nest with two little eggs in it. I could have literally reached into the C-wire and touched it.

I wish I had my camera with me that day. The contrast of seeing what was presumably the start of life in such an austere situation would have made a great photo. Of course, those birds will hatch one day and will not be intimidated by the C-wire… as they grew up with it above their heads.

Yes, this bird could fly anywhere in the world where it wouldn’t have to deal with barbed wire. It won’t because it’s a bird, and its brain is the size of pea.

What about you? When life deals you barbed wire, do you just sit on it or do you try to find someplace safer to sit?


5 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire

  1. Wow, this is a very deep and introspective blog post. I feel bad for the bird, but he doesn’t know any different, so should I? Its like I feel bad for the kids at Edwards AFB not growing up with lawns and creeks to throw rocks into. But they have their ATVs to ride in the desert, so do they really miss skipping rocks in the creek?

  2. Yep! The bird seems to have its’ own agenda in this one. I on the other hand chose to fly above the wire and land somewhere inside the wire. Sort of gives you a new prospective on life inside the old ‘IRON CURTAIN’ of the cold war in the 70’s and 80s.

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