Alphabet Soup

Alphabet SoupIn the military, there are acronyms.  In the Air Force, there are several.  In the Army, they have made a science out of making an acronym out of every little thing.

For example, you’ll hear people talk about their units using acronyms.  Each briefing will have an acronym.  We have BUAs and BUBs and IPTs and OPTs.  Essentially, if something can be turned into an acronym, the Army does it.  I don’t even know what half of them mean, but I nod my head like I know what’s going on.

It makes the Army happy, I suppose.  At least the Navy does things a little differently.  Instead of acronyms, they take two words and make them into one.  For instance, the Chief Information officer for the Navy is called “CHINFO.”  That’s just how it is in the Navy, I guess.

In the Air Force, we don’t bother confusing people with our words… especially in Public Affairs (or PA).  People just tell it like it is in plain English using words you may actually know.  Nobody in PA would ever use the word “recidivism” in a sentence, yet it happens all the time in the Army military police brigades.

I may just be too dumb to be in the Army.  Thank goodness the Air Force took me and my sub-standard brain.


3 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Sort of like : “The EPA had a mtg on PCB use in IEDs used in OPS downrange.” right? PCB = Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls, a highly toxic substance. for example.

  2. The one that gets me is POV, come on it is a car and the “abbreviation” isn’t any shorter than the word being abbreviated!

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