Enter Sandman

Sleeping BeautySometimes the days go very quickly, and sometimes you wonder when they are ever going to end.

Today was one of those days I just wanted it to be over.  Another officer near me felt the same.  This is him after a meeting that was about 20 minutes longer than it should have been.

My week has been extremely taxing.  Obviously, I migrated the blog this week to WordPress, but that isn’t what has me tired.  It’s all the other stuff that happened.

On Tuesday night, I was told I would need to work late on Wednesday.  The idea was that I would come in at 10am and leave by 9pm.  Not an unreasonable request.

So, I came in at 10am, but I ended up having to stay until midnight “just in case” the media called regarding the events of the day.  Of course, they never called… not that night, the next day or AT ALL.

It took me until about 1am to fall asleep Wednesday night, and I still had to be up fairly early to go to work.  I slept 4.5 hours… maybe.

Anyway, that one late night of work completely threw off my body’s routine.  I’ve been exhausted ever since.  I don’t generally keep Cokes in the fridge at work, but on more than one occasion, I had a drink to keep me awake.

I’m hoping I can catch up on some sleep Sunday morning.  I’m need my beauty rest.


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