Baghdad Blimp – Mythbusters Challenge

Baghdad BlimpHigh in the sky at Camp Victory are these blimps. The first time I saw it, I wondered exactly how advertising here had grown so much that there would be a blimp hawking a tire company.

The truth is actually less impressive. These are military blimps. As to their function, I’m not entirely sure. First, should they really be called “blimps” since they are tethered and not free-flying?

I’ve been trying to find out what the blimp does but have come up empty so far. So, the Mythbusters challenge is now issued!

What are your theories as to what the Baghdad Blimp does for us here at Camp Victory? I’ll accept all theories, strange or legit. Post your comment below to guess.

I’ll eventually post the answer on the blog.


4 thoughts on “Baghdad Blimp – Mythbusters Challenge

  1. The blimps are actually stable platforms for radar that is able to see over the horizon and provides the radar signal down the tethered….used for weather forcasts and for keeping an eye on other things in the area. How’s that guess??? 🙂

  2. Remember the old WWII balloons they used to keep down low level air attacks in London??? Well, some enterprising government contractor got hold of them and said, “Jeez, I know what we can use them for!!!!” So, if the Iranian Air Force ever comes up with some Sopwith Camels and a few long neck scarves ( and can teach their beagels to fly), they might be useful. Other wise, be happy that there are no bullseyes painted on the side. I have no other theory other than it is obviously a government contract involved in this SOMEWHERE!

  3. I mostly agree with Steve – some kind of survelliance thing. Cheaper than a helicopter or a building.

    Do they take them down for the dust storms?

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