Lazy Sunday

Back home, I get holidays and weekends off. In a deployed environment, though, I work every day. July 4th? Work. Birthday? Work. National Don’t Work Day? Work.

I’ve worked every day since I got here. That’s just the nature of working in a deployed environment. The mission doesn’t stop just because it’s Sunday.

Not having any time off really wears you down after a while. Yes, I get a four-day pass to Qatar while I’m overseas, but that’s only four days out of six months where the mission will get along fine without me.

Fortunately, my office has relaxed reporting standards for Sundays. I generally don’t come in until AFTER lunch, and I only stay for a maximum of three hours. That’s very different from the 12-hour days I put in the other six days of the week.

I could complain that I’m working darn near two full time jobs, but I don’t. We’re doing important work over here, and everyone is committed to seeing this Iraqi advisory mission through. It’s probably not fair to call it a combat mission anymore.

Tomorrow, I plan to wake up late and start another day of work.

That’s the end of this blog entry. However, if you came here under the impression that I was going to show you the Andy Samberg/Chris Parnell digital short called “Lazy Sunday” and was disappointed it wasn’t really what I was talking about… here’s a treat for you. Ironically, licensing restrictions prevent me from streaming this in Iraq.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I remember those twelve hours shifts. What a nightmare. I worked noon-midnight and I never felt quite right. We worked out a half-day schedule with the three PAs and it was pretty good. I think my half-days were Fridays, but not like it really matters. Every day was the same anyway. I watched extra movies on those days and that was about it. I could never really come up with anything to do on the half-day, except for glorious sleep, of course!

  2. OH Yeah, sounds familiar. Germany comes to mind when we had our 2nd Echelon deployments. Being First Sergeant on one of those things was a sure guarantee of little to no sleep and no time off at all. Enjoy!!!!

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