The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the TunnelI’ve been here for 72 days exactly. I’m in that weird spot where I’m almost halfway through my deployment… but not quite long enough to say I’m “halfway through” my deployment.

Still, I feel like I can eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Midnight Run

Standing at easePractically every week there is some sort of physical fitness event at Camp Victory. Usually, it’s some sort of 5K run or a “shadow” marathon. However, every now and then specific units get involved.

Today, it was Task Force 134’s turn.

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Lost in Translation

Side View MirrorsWhen you’re deployed to Iraq, it stands to reason that at some point you need to be able to understand Arabic. Unfortunately, I am pretty hopeless on the understanding Arabic.

Take a look at this photo. Even the cars mirrors here are written in Arabic. I’ve been told this says “objects in mirror are closer than they appear,” but it just looks like a a bunch of squiggly lines to me.

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Out to Sea

YouTube - Out to SeaPreviously, I mentioned how much I wanted to take the admiral’s vessel out on the lake near my office.  Just my luck, I happened to have my camera on me when the admiral spontaneously decided to go for a row.

As you’ll recall, the boat was literally a tiny row boat that was found somewhere on Victory Base Complex (formerly Saddam Hussein’s compound). It was brought back to our pier where it has languished until someone dared test its seaworthiness.

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School Daze

Cathey Middle SchoolThere are several new readers of Blogging Iraq. Most of them come from the Cathey Middle School choirs in McAllen, Texas.

My mother, the choir director there, has decided to post many of my blog entries on her bulletin board. So, when I post a new entry, the students at the school can read what new things I’m doing here in Iraq. That said, this blog is rated PG. So, please keep your comments respectful and clean!

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