Fighting Media Bias

oreillyI don’t get to watch a lot of television here. In fact, much of what I watch is the news. It’s what we watch in the office on the American Forces Network news channel… a hodgepodge of the major news programs.

You’ll see anything from the first hour of the Today Show to Larry King on the same channel. In fact, at 1 p.m. here, the channel switches from Bill O’Reilly on Fox to Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

These two guys couldn’t have more opposing viewpoints. They are political commentators, and they don’t pretend that they are actual news anchors. They each have pointed commentary about rival political parties, and preaching from the mountaintops comes with the job.

What gets me is not programming like this but rather the regular “no-opinion” news programming. I saw a graphic on Fox News the other day saying “Sen. DeMint responds to Obama’s attacks.”

Why not say “Obama’s statement” regarding Senator DeMint’s Waterloo comment? That’s what it was, and nobody can claim otherwise. However, whether it was an “attack” is a matter of opinion and, therefore, not fact. Items that are not fact have no place in a hard news program.

For Fox News (or any other network) to put up graphics using words like that, it proves to me how far television news gathering has fallen from the respectable profession it once was.