The Grand Tour

YouTube: The Grand TourYou’ve seen my bed-side table before, and you’ve seen the area where I live. However, you haven’t really seen WHERE I live.

I created this video (hosted on YouTube) so you could see the shoebox I live in.

It’s nothing spectacular as you’ll see, but what the video doesn’t cover is how much easier it is to live in a room built for two when it is just one person in the room.

I had to finally tell the lodging office that my roommate vanished well before I arrived here. There was a notice on my door saying he had failed to re-register, which is required quarterly. At the bottom of the notice … “we will be changing your locks in a few days.”

Not wanting my locks changed, I decided it was time to fess up.

In any case, I’ve been here a little more than a month, and I’ve been very lucky so far to not have that roommate. I actually don’t mind living alone. My last two years at the University of Houston, I lived at Cougar Place, which were single-person dorms. Those rooms were about the size of this room.

The difference? My bathrooms are outside in trailers where people are routinely electrocuted. They say those problems have been fixed.