Learning to Speak Swahili in Baghdad

UgandansI know what you’re thinking. I’m in Iraq, and I must be learning a bunch of Arabic words. Well, Arabic is a really difficult language, and I have trouble pronouncing words even when they are written out.

Thank God for the Ugandans. We have a guard force of Ugandans who watch over many of our facilities. In order to enter the dining facility, you have to go through a checkpoint staffed by the Ugandans.

These folks don’t get paid a lot. I would say way less than U.S. minimum wage. However, they are some of the friendliest people here.

One guy has taken it upon himself to try to teach me Swahili. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Jambo Jambo = Hello, hello
Asante sana = Thank You

That’s it. The only thing I know in Arabic is Shukran, which means “thank you.”

I should have invested in a Rosetta Stone language lesson before coming here.


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