The Tiger Woods Baghdad Classic

Golfing into the Lost LakeIn the first couple of days I was here, I noticed there were golf clubs randomly placed all over the base. We’re talking thousands of dollars worth of golf clubs. For some reason, people send us hundreds of old golf balls, so golfing has become the new Coalition Forces sport of choice.

What’s especially nice is that since I am situated on an artificial lake, our driving range is also the water hazard. Some folks, like this lieutenant colonel pictured above, try so hard to hit Uday and Qusay’s homes. Today, he came very close… only short by about 20 yards with a 3-Wood.

I took a couple of shots as well. Sadly, that was right after my battery died, so no pictures. Turns out I don’t really get any good distance, but the shot is always straight. If I were golfing at a course where the par 3 is a par 5, I would probably do well.