Beyond the Walls

Mosque at Camp VictorySome nights when I leave work, I hear people singing over the walls. It comes from varying directions, but the origination is always the same — a mosque.

This is a picture of the mosque here on Camp Victory. I hear it’s very nice, but nobody here is allowed to enter it. It’s against the rules. Actually, it’s an order for us to not enter any mosque. Doing so could literally end my career. There are bigger and much nicer mosques beyond the walls, but all I can see are the towers from my office.

Religious freedom is one of the tenants of the first amendment, and in allowing that freedom, the unspoken rule is that you should also respect other people’s religious customs and places of worship.

In Iraq, sensitivities here call for us to be especially respectful and allow Muslims to worship in peace … without any interference from us. Even detainees get religious accommodation.

In the states, people spend a lot of time telling other people why their religion is wrong and why their God isn’t the right God. We’re not very sensitive to each other’s religious practices at home, and I’m not sure why.

Perhaps it’s time for us to start treating each other with respect and uphold the right to the free practice of religion by allowing others the courtesy of worshipping however they choose.


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