Dirt Oddities

Uday and Qusay's homesToday was a beautiful day. As a matter of fact, it’s the first day in about a week where there was not any level of sand in the air. No sandstorms today at all.

There are the really bad sandstorms, which I mentioned before where the sky turns orange, and there’s the mild ones where everything looks like a morning fog. See below for an example.

One of the things I don’t think I mentioned before is how the sand here in the Iraqi desert gets into everything! When I moved into my room, I had to de-dirt the room. The carpet clearly had sand built up on it. If I had a Dyson available to me, I would have to empty the container a couple of times, and the carpet still wouldn’t be clean. What they need here is a Stanley Steamer service.

By the way… you can’t ever put your feet on your bed with your shoes on. The dirt will stick to the sheets and the comforter. Have a laptop? (Guilty!) Keep it in the bag covered up when not in use. Have a firearm? Don’t expect your gun to continue to function without some regular cleaning.

Interestingly, the dirt isn’t like it was in California. In California, you could feel any blowing sand against your face. In fact, it would ruin people’s windshields through “sandblasting.” Here, the dirt is a very fine powder, and you can’t feel it at all. I would describe its consistency like baby powder. No ruined windshields here… but the car needs a wash every couple of days.

As promised… the “morning fog” of dirt… same buildings seen above.

House of Sand and Fog


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