From the Desk of Brad Kimberly

Desk ViewI was asked what my office looks like. I figured that was a good time to show you what the point of view is from my desk. There are lots of things you can see in this photo to understand what my environment is like here.

I work in a building, which I cannot name or show you on Google Maps for obvious reasons, and there are several different organizations in this building. Public Affairs is one of them.

I’m given two computers. I’ll give you one guess what the green background means on the screen.

In front of one computer is a water bottle. These things are PLENTIFUL here in Baghdad. The weather is so hot that water is literally brought in by the truckloads. Most workcenters have refrigerators to keep them cold. On days where it’s 115 degrees out (or worse), having a cold bottle of water is the difference between passing out and walking.

On hot days, it’s easy to go through about five bottles. On my first day, I went through six and could have probably had a seventh if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom so bad.

Lots of people here use those single-serving Crystal Light “On the Go” drink powders in their water bottles. It’s not a bad idea. However, I used a different brand, and it tasted more like those canned Minute Maid lemonades from a vending machine. I might just stick with my unlabeled, questionable origin, crystal clear water.