Eating at the Dining Facility

Dining Facility FoodWhether you are sitting at a desk in the United States or sitting at a desk in Iraq, at some point you’ll find yourself hungry. Fortunately, the military saw fit to hire a contractor to feed everyone here.

The food is questionable at best. Sometimes these guys get it just right (like the steak above). Sometimes they get it WAY wrong (like everything else on the plate above). The only meal the get right every time is breakfast. The turkey sausage links actually taste like real pork sausage.

What’s interesting is that most of the stuff they serve is supplied from Kuwait, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Check out the Coke in the picture. At Al-Udeid in Qatar, the Coke was produced in Saudi Arabia and tasted exactly like American Coke. Here, I can’t even tell you where it was made. It’s written in Arabic. Still, it tastes just like American Coke. Now, when I passed through Germany and had a Coke, it tasted like someone added about 80 packets of Sweet N Low to the drink. Awful doesn’t begin to describe it.

The big dining facility here has news and sports on its TVs. Unfortunately, due to the time difference, most of the news I see all day is pre-recorded. It isn’t until about 3 p.m. my time that I start seeing some live news.

When America is just starting to wake up, my day is coming to an end. That’s when I start thinking about which foods I want to attempt eating. I take my life in my hands at every meal.


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