Blowing in the Wind

Blackhawk Head ShotYesterday, I took my first flight in a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. However, I had the worst seat on the chopper as far as flight experiences go. All the wind gusts directly into my face.

Remember that the ambient temperature here is about 113 degrees… all blowing into my face at the same airspeed as the helicopter. It gives new meaning to “wind burn.”

It was a really thrilling experience. I’ve posted another picture below.

Speaking of thrilling experiences, people have asked me how the death of Michael Jackson has affected servicemembers here in Baghdad.

On the day the news broke, which was early morning for us, lots of people were glued to the TVs in the dining facility. Still, I think once people walked away from the TVs, it was less of a concern.

Most people here are concerned mostly with completing their mission. Right now, the focus is ensuring a successful transition to the government of Iraq as Coalition Forces get ready to leave the country. It’s a struggle to get the country ready to take care of itself. But like growing up, you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run.

Blackhawk trucks

Blackhawk aerial shot


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