One Week Down

I’ve been in Baghdad for a week. Only 25 more weeks to go. Realistically, I have no idea when I’m leaving, but I like to think I have 25 weeks to go. All I know is that at some point before the end of the year, I’ll be in Montgomery and NOT Baghdad. I’ve decided to add a counter to this page. The zero is Christmas Day… because getting home would be an awesome gift.

About the video here… Saddam Hussein built himself an artificial lake. If you’ve seen the picture of the Al Faw Palace, you’ve seen the lake. Well, there are huge fish in this man-made lake. Since Saddam is no longer feeding his enemies to the fish, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the fish alive through something we call “leftovers.”

In this video, they eat an egg roll, a few meatballs and a half-eaten BBQ chicken breast.

When you’re in the middle of the desert, and people are intent on killing one another, you find that you need to amuse yourself with vices like feeding the “Demon Fish” as I call them.

I know there are some new readers to my blog. Welcome, and please tell your friends about this site.