The Al Faw Palace

Al Faw PalaceToday I visited the Al Faw Palace for an all-day orientation briefing. If you’ve never heard the phrase “death by Powerpoint,” let me define it for you.

If you aren’t dead from boredom after a series of Powerpoint briefings, you have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be dead. That’s “death by Powerpoint.”

The highlight, of course, is getting to go into the palace. It’s the headquarters of Multinational Forces Iraq, or MNF-I. Better than that, it came through the Iraq invasion relatively unscathed. It’s gorgeous on the inside, and the pictures I just posted in the Al Faw Palace photo gallery don’t do it justice.

I haven’t been very far into the palace, but it looks like Saddam was living large. It takes about 30 seconds to walk across the rotunda at a normal pace. It was also where the Colbert Report was shot a couple of weeks ago.

Also, there were banners hung along the office walls in the palace. Most showed support for the troops. Here’s a new photo gallery of a couple of those.

Palace Sign