The Road to War

Waiting in BaltimoreI finally took off for the sandy beaches of Iraq this week. Although I’m not at my final destination just yet, I can tell you that I’ve spent more time on airplanes than I ever care to admit. You can judge the time by how many movies were shown.

We watched:
Madagascar 2 (which I slept through)
Marley & Me (which I slept through)
Twilight (which I partly slept through and partly ignored)
Valkyrie (which I watched but missed the executions while sleeping)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which I watched with one eye open)

Add into that about 18 hours worth of layovers, and overall I spent about 36 hours traveling.

The time here is “Arab Standard Time,” which is 7 hours ahead of the east coast… 8 hours when the U.S. isn’t observing Daylight Saving Time.

I’ve eaten at a dining facility here, which was pretty decent. However, the heat here is unbearable. Right now, it’s 106 degrees where I am (plus some humidity), and it’s just awful to go from point A to point B.

In any case, I’m waiting for my ride to the next location. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.