Operation: Iraqi Summer Vacation

Operation: Iraqi Summer VacationSomeone I know personally asked me how people reading this blog would know when I was officially in Iraq. I answered quite simply that “one day I will post an entry from Montgomery, and then one day it will be from Iraq.”

Such is life when you really can’t tell people when you are getting on a plane.

Obviously time is short for Phase 2 of what I’ve been affectionately referring to as “Operation: Iraqi Summer Vacation.” I have my orders (in that binder above) and all my travel plans done. Apparently I won’t get Skymiles for my trip across the pond, but it would be great if the airline I flew to my military transport would allow me to continue earning frequent flier miles all the way to Iraq.

Airlines are money-grubbing bastards. I flew to Orlando on Delta as part of a last-hurrah trip to Disney recently. We had to pay to check our luggage. On government-arranged flights, they forgive the first checked bag, but will charge through the nose for any overweight bags or bags in excess of the first.

I’m trying to pack smart. I’ve mailed some stuff to Iraq in advance of my arrival there. No need to waste valuable luggage space on things like blankets, sheets and pillows. You should see what’s issued there! Hence the shipment of bedding.

I’ve really appreciated the comments I’ve received on these blog posts. Please tell your friends about this site. Once I get overseas, I plan on making regular posts about the good (and bad) events happening at the base. I’ll add a dash of my odd sense of humor as well. I’m just a little frazzled now. Not so much of the funny when I’m frazzled.

More to come… stay tuned.