Back in Action

Convoy at ACSTI’ve returned from New Jersey, and I learned a monster amount of information. The ACST course I attended isn’t just taught by people who are trained to be instructors… it’s taught be people who’ve been deployed.

To me, the classroom and practical portions were important, but nothing quite hit me like talking to these folks (all of whom I outrank) and listening to their stories in the field.

Many have lost friends in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they teach us these skills so that we are better prepared than when they first deployed.

I did, in fact, learn how to strangle a guy to death. Above is a picture of convoy training. The whole thing culminated with an all-day practical exercise putting all of our training to the test in a highly-elaborate scenario.

Overall, the training was amazing. The dining facility, not so much. They served fish for EVERY meal except two while I was there. You think they had some sort of deal struck with Mrs. Paul or the Gorton’s fisherman?

I’ll be adding more photos to the combat skills training photo gallery shortly.