Gathering Supplies

Airman Battle UniformsOne of the things my unit does for me is order supplies and other equipment items I may need during my deployment. This focuses very heavily on uniform items, but there are other things like canteens (or Camelbaks, if your unit is nice) that really make a difference overseas.

Lots of my stuff came in quickly… like my uniforms. My hat came in as well, but it was too small for my head despite being the same size as the one I wear every day.

Apparently military clothing is not like a pair of Levi’s where you can just buy a size and trust that it’s actually right. I ended up taking it to the on-base clothing sales store and exchanged it for a size 7 7/8. My head is huge.

In the coming weeks, I should be receiving a bunch more items, but the coolest item will be my new leg-mounted gun holster. In about three weeks, I’ll be taking qualification courses on the M9, which is a Beretta 92F, and the M16A2, which is an old Colt AR15 without full auto.