The Notification

Baghdad StreetsOn Friday, I received word that I would be deploying to Iraq. There are plenty of places in Iraq that aren’t terrific assignments, but I’m headed to Baghdad.

“But isn’t Baghdad where people are blowing themselves up,” you might ask.

Well, let me just say Baghdad isn’t exactly Smallville, Kansas, where you can leave your front door unlocked without worrying about someone stealing your 8-track tape player and turntable. Still, there are far worse places to go in Iraq.

In the coming weeks and months, I intend to keep updating this blog and the website as a whole as I get ready to depart.

I will not be posting any information on here that might jeopardize my mission, my family, or my fellow servicemembers. If you’re looking for classified stuff or reports on troop movements, try Google. You would be amazed how much stuff is out there that shouldn’t be.