Gathering Supplies

Airman Battle UniformsOne of the things my unit does for me is order supplies and other equipment items I may need during my deployment. This focuses very heavily on uniform items, but there are other things like canteens (or Camelbaks, if your unit is nice) that really make a difference overseas.

Lots of my stuff came in quickly… like my uniforms. My hat came in as well, but it was too small for my head despite being the same size as the one I wear every day.

Apparently military clothing is not like a pair of Levi’s where you can just buy a size and trust that it’s actually right. I ended up taking it to the on-base clothing sales store and exchanged it for a size 7 7/8. My head is huge.

In the coming weeks, I should be receiving a bunch more items, but the coolest item will be my new leg-mounted gun holster. In about three weeks, I’ll be taking qualification courses on the M9, which is a Beretta 92F, and the M16A2, which is an old Colt AR15 without full auto.

Registering for ACST

Contingency Skills TrainingOne of the things I’m required to do in order to deploy is take ACST. That stands for Advanced Contingency Skills Training. Today, I officially registered for the course.

This is where they teach you things like how to kill a dude with your bare hands and how to operate in a convoy. They teach other things, too, I presume. The course is nearly three weeks long, so I’m guessing there will be heavy emphasis on how to be a complete bad ass during my training.

I can only hope Chuck Norris is my instructor. Did you know he was in the Air Force? That was right before the military decided he was so lethal, he deserved his own branch in the Armed Forces. He is truly an “Army of One.”

For more about the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center, visit their website.

The Notification

Baghdad StreetsOn Friday, I received word that I would be deploying to Iraq. There are plenty of places in Iraq that aren’t terrific assignments, but I’m headed to Baghdad.

“But isn’t Baghdad where people are blowing themselves up,” you might ask.

Well, let me just say Baghdad isn’t exactly Smallville, Kansas, where you can leave your front door unlocked without worrying about someone stealing your 8-track tape player and turntable. Still, there are far worse places to go in Iraq.

In the coming weeks and months, I intend to keep updating this blog and the website as a whole as I get ready to depart.

I will not be posting any information on here that might jeopardize my mission, my family, or my fellow servicemembers. If you’re looking for classified stuff or reports on troop movements, try Google. You would be amazed how much stuff is out there that shouldn’t be.